Welcome to Broker Brain University (BBU), our online training guide for learning how to use the Broker Brain system. This guide contains training modules that will show you how to navigate through Broker Brain, as well as help familiarize you with the various functions therein. The guide is designed to be interactive, showing you how to perform each necessary step while you try it on your own system. We suggest that you open a second browser window so you can perform these steps as you read through the training guide.


Using the Tour Guide 

To help you seamlessly review the modules contained within the Training Guide, we have included a a Tour Guide button at the bottom of each page.  When you have finished reviewing a page, click this button to move on to the next section within that module. If there are no more sections to be reviewed, the Tour Guide will take you on to the next training module.   
If at any time you wish to return to the main screen of the module you are reviewing, click the Module Return button at the bottom of the page.  By clicking this button you can restart the Tour Guide for that module or elect to repeat a specific section previously reviewed. 
You can also return to the Broker Brain University Main page by clicking the Broker Brain University button, also located at the bottom of each training screen.
Note:  You may notice as you are moving through the Training Guide that topics you did not select are being highlighted in the left pane. This is because the training module sections are linked to pages housed within the Help Documentation.  The Training Guide is a tool to take you through these pages in a specific and logical order.
Using Links

Throughout much of the documentation, you will see words or phrases that appear like this. This information contains a link you can click on to be directed to another screen that contains more detailed information about the topic you are reviewing. When you are finished reviewing the information in the link, click your browser’s Back button to return to the training module. This will put you back on track to resume the Tour Guide. 

Need more Help?

If at any time you have questions or need clarification on using our site, please feel free to contact our support team at support.brokerbrain.net for further assistance.
Printing the Help Guide

All of our Broker Brain Help pages are printable. However, if you attempt to print by clicking the Print button, the page will print as shown on the screen, including the Navigation bar in the left pane. To print the help text only, highlight the desired area, right-click (or Ctrl-click if you are on a Mac), and select the option to print the selected area only.
Getting started

Let’s get started! Click the button below to start the Tour Guide. Or, if you prefer, click one of the module links shown below.