Submitting Apps

How to submit a lease application from the public site
1. Access the public website at When you first log in the following screen will appear:
2. Search for the desired property by providing property information as described below, then click the Search button.
  • In the Street Address field, you can search for properties that contain, start with, end with, or match exactly the address information that you provide.
  • In the Square Footage section, you can search either Greater or Equal, or Lesser or Equal than what you have entered.
  • Most of the fields will allow you to type only a portion of the information, if that is all you have. The Zip Code field requires the entire zip code.
3. A list of properties that match the criterion you input will appear as shown:
4. Locate the desired property from the property list. Click the bar entitled Click here to submit an offer on this property (shown circled above).
5. The Lease Application will open.  Note that there are multiple required fields that must be completed for the system to accept the application.  At the bottom of the application there are some important fields to note:
  • Application Documents - If the applicant wishes to attach additional documents, this can be done here by clicking on Browse. If more than one document is needed, there is an option to add another attachment. The following document types are allowed: .jpg .pdf .doc .xls
  • Create a Password - The applicant must enter a password in this field which will grant him/her access to the application later if any information needs to be changed. The application can be accessed at a later date as long as the applicant can remember the access key that was entered when the application was submitted.

6. Once the required fields are completed, click the check box next to I agree to the terms of this application.  The application cannot be submitted unless this box is checked.
7. click the Submit button. A screen similar to the following will appear:
Note: It is recommended that the applicant bookmark this website in their Favorites.
  • When an application is submitted, the application status is shown as "In Process" (see Status section in the screen shot above) until the application is either Accepted or Rejected in the Broker Brain system.
  • Upon submission of the application, an email will be sent to the applicant's email address. It will contain basic information about the application as well as the link to access the application again. The pass key is not sent in the email.