Viewing & Updating

Viewing and updating a lease application
When a lease application is submitted, the applicant's information will appear in that property's Lease Applications tab. The application will initially come into the system with a status of Public Pending, as shown in the screen shot below. Details of the application can be viewed by clicking on any of the tabs circled in red below.  Any changes or updates needed can be made to the application from these tabs.
  • Any documents that the applicant attached will appear in the Notes section of the offer.
  • If for some reason the applicant has forgotten the pass phrase that was entered when they submitted it, you can reset their code by clicking Reset Applicant Pass Phrase (in blue in the screen shot above). The applicant will receive an email advising them to enter a new phrase. They will also be sent the link to the application.
  • The Public Pending offer status is only generated by a public lease application. This status cannot be manually set. You will want to change it to the appropriate status when you receive the application.