Rent Due Notifications

If you have multiple managed properties, you may find it useful to have Broker Brain send an automatic "Rent Due" Notification to your tenants.  This is accomplished by setting up an Email Notification auto task that uses the Day of Month Trigger.  The Day of Month trigger causes a task to be fired based on the day of the month you specify, so you could set up an auto task that would send an email reminder on a specific day of the month (for instance, the 5th of each month).  Before you use this trigger, be aware that this is the only trigger in Broker Brain that is set in motion by the calendar, as opposed to system activity or data that is property specific (for instance; dates, status changes, or property actions). Because of this, the Day of Month trigger is to be used ONLY in conjunction with one or more Condition. Use it carefully, as setting this trigger without a condition attached will cause the system to fire a Day of Month task for every active property currently residing in your Broker Brain system.
Setting up a Day of Month Auto Task
1.  Create a property auto task with the task Type set to Email Notification (as shown below). 
2.  In the Triggers section of the auto task, use the Day of Month field to indicate which day you wish for your email notification to be sent.  In our sample below, we indicated that we want our notification to go out on the 5th of each month.
3.  In the Conditions section, set one or more conditions that Broker Brain will use to determine for which properties the notifications should be sent. If you do not set conditions, Broker Brain will send this notification out for every active property on the specified day of the month.  For a Rent Notification auto task, we recommend that you set the Asset Type condition (shown circled at left below) to Managed. This will limit the notifications to be sent out for managed properties only. 
4.  Note that in the screen shot above, in addition to setting an Asset Type condition, we also set a Current Property Status condition of Occupied.  By doing so, we are able to further limit the notifications to be sent only on managed properties that are currently occupied.  To do this, you must first create an Occupied property status with the asset type set to Managed, as shown in the screen shot below.  For instructions on creating a property status, click here.
  • For detailed instructions on creating an Email Notification auto task, click here.