*Mobile App

Broker Brain offers all registered Broker Brain customers a free mobile app for use with your Droid or iPhone. This app gives you the ability to take and instantly upload property photos directly into the related property in Broker Brain. Photos can be batch uploaded for single or multiple properties, and all photo information that Broker Brain tracks can be set for each photo in the app.
Date/Time Stamp Info
Photos that are uploaded through this app can bear a Date/Time stamp if you enable the Apply date and time stamp to photos on upload feature in Site Settings.  Click here for information on using the Site Settings screen.
  • If you are using an iPhone and you turn on the Date/Time Stamp feature, uploaded photos MUST be taken from within the mobile app for the Date/Time stamp feature to work. Photos selected from your phone's photo library will not bear a Date/Time stamp when uploaded. This is due to Apple iPhone restrictions. Droid users will not have this issue.
Logging In
1.  Access the app from your phone.  You will see the following login screen:
2.  To log in from this screen, enter your account information as follows:
  • Sub Domain = The company name used when you log in to your website; for example: Walshco
  • Username = The same username you use when you log in to Broker Brain
  • Password = Your Broker Brain password
  • If you have a # or & in your Broker Brain password, you will be unable to log in to the app.  To use the app, you must first change your password from the Broker Brain website under My Account.
3.  Click the Login button.  The Home screen will appear:
Searching and Viewing Properties
To take or upload a photo through the app, you must first locate the desired property in your Broker Brain system.  This can be done one of two ways.  You can either search for properties near your current location, or you can search for a specific address located on your Broker Brain site.
Option 1 - Searching Nearby Properties
This app contains a GPS feature, which allows you to locate all properties within 25 miles of your current location.  To search nearby properties, select the Properties Nearby option from the Home screen (shown in the screen shot above).  When selecting this option, a list of nearby properties will appear.
Option 2 - Searching for Specific Properties
If you wish to locate a specific property from your Broker Brain system:
1.  From the app's Home screen, select the Search Properties option.  The following screen will appear:
2.  If you use multiple markets, select the Market option and choose the desired market.
3. Select the Search Type field.  A list of search options will appear at the bottom of the screen.  You can search by Address, MLS Number, REO Number, or Loan Number.  Select the desired search option and select Done.
4.  In the Search field, enter the desired search criterion. 
5.  If you wish to include archived properties in your search, activate the Archived option.  If you are using a Droid, place a checkmark in the Archived box; on an iPhone, change the Archived field from No to Yes).
6.  Select the Search bar to begin the search.  A list of properties meeting the specified criterion will appear, as shown in the screen shot below.
7.  To view, take, or upload photos, select the View option adjacent to the desired property.
Taking Photos or Selecting from Existing Photos
Once the desired property has been accessed, you can take new photos from your phone or select pre-existing photos from your phone's photo library to be uploaded into Broker Brain.  Remember, if you are using an iPhone and want to use the Date/Time Stamp feature provided in Broker Brain's Site Settings, you cannot upload photos from your photo library.  Photos must be taken from within the mobile app.
To take a photo or select an existing photo:
1.  Follow the process above to locate the desired property from the app.  Select the View option shown in the screen shot above.  The following screen will appear: 
2.  To take a new photo or to select one from your Photo Library, select the Photo option. 
3.   A Photo Source screen will appear. 
  • To take a new photo:  Select the Take Photo option, take the photo, and select Save or Use.
  • To choose an existing photo:  Select Choose from Library, then select the desired photo.
4.  If using a Droid, you may need to press the Cancel option to view the following screen.  A Settings screen will appear, as shown below:
5. If desired, add a title to the photo using the Title field.  This information will carry over into Broker Brain.
6.  In the Tags field, provide any desired detail about the photo (such as photo location). This information can be used as search criterion later when attempting to locate the photo in your Broker Brain system. 
7.  Set the Public field to yes if you want the photo to appear on your public site.
8.  Indicate if the photo is related to a General Inspection or an Eviction by placing a yes or no in the same named fields.
9.  If the photo is related to a preservation, select the Preservation field.  A list of preservations related to the property will appear.  Select the desired preservation and select Done.  The same process is used if photos are related to an Inspection or BPO.
10.  When all fields have been completed, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.
Uploading Photos for a Single Property
Once you have taken your photos, you can now upload them into Broker Brain.  All photos associated with a property will appear on the Property screen as shown below: 
To upload the photos:
1.  Access the property as discussed above.
2.  Select the Upload option, located directly beneath the property address.
3.  A confirmation screen will appear.  Select YES to upload your photos.  When the upload is complete, a message will appear indicating this.  Press the OK button to close the Upload dialog box.
Uploading Photos for Multiple Properties
You can elect to upload photos taken from multiple properties in one single click, as follows:
1.  From the Home screen shown below, select the Pending Uploads option (note that this option displays a number in parentheses indicating how many photos are ready to be uploaded). 
2.  A list of properties with associated photos will appear.  To view the photos, click the View button adjacent to the desired property.  To upload all of the photos, select the Upload All button at the top of the screen.  A confirmation dialog box will appear. Select YES to upload your photos. When the upload is complete, a message will appear indicating this. Press the OK button to close the Upload dialog box.
Deleting Photos
You can delete single photos or all of the photos taken from a property as follows:
  • To delete a single photo from a property: From the property screen, press the red X adjacent to the photo (shown in the screen shot below) and select Yes in the confirmation dialog box.
  • To delete all photos taken on a property: From the property screen (shown below), press the Clear button (located next to the Upload option) and select Yes in the confirmation dialog box.
  • To remove all photos taken from your phone:  Select the Pending Uploads option from the Home screen (shown below).  Select the Clear All option at the top of the screen, and select Yes in the confirmation dialog box.
Using the Map feature
The iPhone offers a mapping option.  Simply press the Map button, located on the Property screen shown above.  A map of the location will appear.  Press the X in the upper right corner to close the map.