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When you initially log in to Broker Brain, your screen will look similar to the screen shot below. You will see a Navigation Menu at the top of your screen and a Navigation Menu across the bottom of your screen.  Both of these menus contain the same options, so whether you elect to use the Top Navigation Menu or the Bottom Menu, the outcome is the same. Each time you click on one of the menu options, you will be directed to a new location within Broker Brain. Each menu has a separate function. A quick summary of each is offered in the Menu Tabs Overview section below. 
The Top Navigation Menu (also referred to as Top Menu, or Top Level Tabs)  directly correlates with the Side Navigaton Bar also shown on the screen shot below. The Side Navigation Bar contains options that directly relate to whichever tab you select on the Top Navigation Menu. As you select different top level tabs, the sub tabs at left will change. In our sample below, the Properties tab is selected, so the sub tabs that appear on the Side Navigation Bar reflect the options available for properties.
The Bottom Navigation Menu functions a bit differently than the Top Navigation Menu.  With this menu, a Side Navigation Bar is not needed.  Here, you simply mouse over the desired menu item and a pop-up will appear, on which you can select the desired sub tab. In the screen shot below, the mouse is pointing to the Home tab, causing the Home sub-tab options to display in a pop-up. 
Many users opt to display both the Top and Bottom Navigation menus, but you can elect to display only one.  You can also hide the Side Navigation Bar if you elect to use the Bottom Navigation Menu only.  All of these selections are made from the My Account tab.  Click here for more information.
Menu Tabs Overview
The tabs available on your navigation menus will depend upon the priveleges you have been given by your Admin group. Following is a summary of the purpose of each of these tabs:
  • Home Tab - The Home Tab is where you can view your ingoing and outgoing emails, as well as any tasks and preservations that are assigned to you. If you have Expense Power User priveleges, you will also have an Expense sub tab available.
  • Properties Tab - The Properties tab is the starting point for accessing properties that have been added into Broker Brain.  Any activity related to a property (offers, preservations, inspections, etc.) will be accessed from here.
  • Maps Tab - The Maps tab allows you to view active properties in your system by location. You can filter down by status, client, inspector, etc. 
  • Notes Tab - The Notes tab serves two purposes: 1) It allows you to quickly locate and review recent notes that have been posted across all properties within Broker Brain, and 2) It allows you to post general notes into Broker Brain that are not property specific. 
  • Contacts Tab - The Contacts tab functions as an online rolodex, on which you can store information for each type of contact you work with.
  • Web Sites Tab - The Web Sites tab allows you to bookmark frequently visited websites. You can indicate the URL needed to access a site, as well as the login name and login password your company uses. 
  • Reports Tab - The Reports tab provides for a way to search and summarize information across large system segments such as properties, offers, preservations, expenses, etc. It serves as a bird's eye view of what is going on and what needs attention.
  • My Account Tab - The My Account Tab allows you to manage various display and email formatting options, link Broker Brain to your desktop calendar program for auto task due dates assigned to you, and manage your individual Broker Brain account password.    
  • Admin Tab - The Admin tab is generally restricted to a small group of administrative users. It is used for importing properties and administrative setup of: users & groups, markets, clients, property flags, statuses, site settings, utility companies, vendors, auto tasks, and more.
Note:  The Broker Brain Help Documentation correlates with these tabs.  For instance, if you would like to review the Help Documentation as it relates to properties, you would click on the Properties Tab link at left. You can also find information by looking up a topic in the A-Z Index. 

Use the buttons below if you are navigating through Broker Brain University. To see what Broker Brain University is all about, click the Broker Brain University button shown below.