*Mobile Site

If you are using a mobile device to access your Broker Brain website, you may find it useful to view a summary of your properties, rather than having to navigate the entire Broker Brain system. You can do this by logging on to our mobile site. Once there, you will see a high level view of your properties. You can also quickly access your task list from the mobile site.

Note: Since our entire system is available from mobile browsers, you can elect to access the full site at any time.
Accessing the Mobile Site
1.  Log on to http://YourCompanyName.brokerbrain.net/mobile.  The following screen will appear:
2. Type in your Username and Password and select Login. If you wish to access the full site, click Go to Full Site.  Once you click Login you will see the Home screen, as shown below.
  • Once you log in from a mobile page, Broker Brain will assume that this is how you want to view the system from here on out, until you click the Go To Full Site Button.
3. From here, select whether you wish to view properties or tasks by clicking on the appropriate button.
Searching for a Property
Once you have logged in to the mobile site, you can search for properties.
1.  Select the Properties button from the Home screen shown above. The Properties screen will display:

2. Select the appropriate market.  NOTE: The market selector is only visible if your system is set up for multiple markets and you, as a user, are assigned to multiple markets.

3. In the Search field, type the property address or a portion of the address.

4. If you wish to view an archived property, click Off next to Archived. Otherwise, do not change this field.

5. Click the Search button. Below is a sample of the type of information that will appear:

6. To view detailed information on the property, click on the property address. A series of tabs will appear:
7.  To view property information, click the + on one of the tabs to expand the detail:
Viewing Task Assignments
You can also use your mobile device to quickly access your assigned tasks.
1. If you are not on the Home screen, click the Home button to go back.

2.  From the Home screen, click the Tasks button:

3.  A list of your tasks will appear (or tasks for whomever you have logged in). A sample is shown below.

4.  To see more information for a particular task, click the task name to see the task detail: