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Asset Colors

Broker Brain now offers the ability to change the color of the property info bar at the bottom of the screen based on a property's asset type.  This feature can be used to call attention to properties whose asset types require different processes than your REO properties, are managed by a specfic group of users, or for properties that require special handling; for instance, Managed or REO Lease properties.
If you are using Broker Brain default colors, the info bar currently looks something like this:
Using the Asset Colors feature, you can elect to change the Info Bar color based on a property's asset type.  For instance, you could specify that all Short Sale properties will display in red:
Setting Asset Type Colors
To change Asset Type Colors, you must have Admin Asset Types user privileges.  For information on setting privileges, click here.
1.  From the Admin tab, click the Asset Colors sub tab at left.  The following screen will appear:
2.  From the Asset Type drop-down box, select the Asset Type whose color you wish to change.
3.  Select the desired color for that Asset Type using the Color field.
4.  Click the green Add button.  The color will be added to the Asset Type Color List as shown:
  • To change an Asset Type Color, simply select a new Asset Color by repeating the steps above.
  • To delete an Asset Type Color, locate the desired item on the Asset Type Color List and click the red Delete button.