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Auto Tasks

Broker Brain has a built-in auto tasking feature that can assign tasks to or automatically email users.  Within this feature is the ability to trigger a series of tasks based on completion of prior tasks or based on dates, status changes, flags set in the system, and other options.   There are four types of Auto Tasks:
  • Task – This type of task requires an action to be performed by a specific user within a specified time frame and must be marked as complete when the task is finished.
  • Email Notification – This type of task simply involves the automatic email notification of a party or parties. There is no additional action required and the task is generated in the subject Property’s Tasks page and automatically shown as complete.
  • Task & Email Notification - This type of task requires an action to be performed on a property, and also sends an automatic email notification. This task must be shown as complete by the task owner, once the physical task is finished.
  • Start Task Plan - The purpose of this type of task is simply to kick off a string of other tasks. A Start Task Plan task is the top level task in this string.
The tasking system has been broken down into three separate tabs for the three kinds of Auto Tasks you can create: offer, preservation, and property.  Click the button next to the Auto Tasks tab at left or click on one of the subpages listed below to see information for each.

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