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Removing a Task

Removing an Auto Task or a Recurring Task
When removing an auto task, it is important to understand the difference between "deleting" a task and "killing" a task.
  • Deleting a task is simply removing it from the system so that no new tasks will be automatically generated from it. Any tasks within the system that were generated from that auto task prior to deletion will remain there. If a task you are deleting has on due notification emails or other tasks linked to it, those links will be broken and those tasks will not be automatically generated unless you set new triggers for them.

  • Killing a task is for use with recurring tasks only. When you kill a task, it stops all recurring tasks in the system that have been generated from that auto task, setting their recurrence fields to "0". If you wish to completely remove the auto task, you must delete it.

Note: If you wish to stop recurring tasks for one specific property only, this is done under Properties>Tasks.

To delete or kill a task:
1. Click the + next to the task name to open the task.
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the task screen and click the red Delete or Kill button.