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Adding Images

Broker Brain allows you to embed images into your Auto Task Emails, as long as you have an image file you can attach to the Email Notification.
Adding an Image to an Auto Task Email
1. From Admin>Auto Tasks, locate the Email Notification you wish to edit.
2. Click the + adjacent to the Email Notification name to view the notification detail (as shown in the screen shot below).
3. Add the image file as an attachment to the Email Notification (for instructions on attaching files, click here).
4. Now edit the Email Notification. Click the Edit Notification button to open the email.
5. Scroll down to the Message section of the email, as shown below.
6. Type the name of the image you attached using the following format:
Note: You do not have to put .jpg at the end; use the file extension attached to your file; .jpg, .png, etc. -- see our example circled in the screen shot below. 
  • Be sure you use a lower case i when typing in the word "image". An upper case I will cause your image to show as an attachment.
7.  If you would like to preview the email, click the Test Email button.  Broker Brain will send a sample copy to your email address, where you can see how the image will appear. 
8.  Once the email setup looks accurate, return to the email setup screen and click the green Submit button.
9. Scroll down to the bottom of the Email Notification screen and click the green Update button.
  • If you do not click Update, your changes will not be saved.
When the recipient receives the email, your image will be attached, as shown: