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*Adding Clients

When you initially set up your system, you will need to add the clients for each property that you work with. It is important to understand how the client is defined within Broker Brain. If you work directly with the bank, the client is the bank that owns the properties that you represent. If there is a Servicer that represents the bank, the Servicer will be known as the client, while the bank will be known as the sub client.  Note that when adding clients, there is no distinction between client and the sub client. All are added here at the same level.  Any distinction between the two will be made at the property level.

Adding Clients

1. From the Admin tab, click on the Clients tab on the left-hand side of the screen. The following options will appear:
2. Click on the + next to Add New Client to view the following screen:


3. Add the Client name into the Name field.
4. If the client you are adding uses a specific form set, indicate that in the Form Set field. Form sets are forms that are specific to a given client and are accessible in various areas of the system. These forms and forms sets are continually being added into Broker Brain.
  • It is important to note that if a property has both a client and a sub client, by default the client's form set will be used.  If, however, a client has no form set assigned, but the sub client does, Broker Brain will use the sub client's form set for that property.   
5. Set the Client TypeNote:  Selecting VA in this field will add specific VA questions to public offer forms.  
6. If the client has an ID number they use to reference your company, you can place that information in the Broker ID field.
7. Click the Requires Winterization field if applicable to this client. 
8. If offers for the client you are adding will be entered into a website other than Broker Brain, you can use the Offer URL field to set an external URL for for that client's offer submissions.  Note: For a more detailed description on use of this field, click here.
9.  Click on Add and your client will appear on the screen (as shown below in the tan bar):

Repeat steps 1- 9 until you have added all of your clients into the system.

  • Once a client has been added to the system, it cannot be deleted.
  • For information on adding clients and sub clients to properties, click here.