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Reassigning Reps

If properties that are assigned to a specific client or sub client rep need to be reassigned, this process begins here. 
Reassigning a Client or Sub Client Rep

1. From the Admin tab, click the Clients sub tab at left.  You will see the following options:
2.  If you wish to reassign a Client Rep, click the + next to Reassign Property Client Reps to view the screen below.  If you wish to reassign a Sub Client rep, click the + next to Reassign Property Sub Client Reps.  From here, the steps for each are the same:
3. Select the client from the Current Client drop down and the following screen will appear:
4. Make the desired selection from the Current Rep drop down. The available options will include:  Properties with no assigned rep and All properties for this client.

5. From the Replace with Rep drop down, select the name of the new individual you wish to add.  If there are no names on the list, this is because no reps were previously added.  Click here for information on adding a rep.

6. If you only want to reassign properties within a particular zip code(s), you may filter the selection by typing in the zip codes being reassigned. These are separated by a comma.

  • Any properties that are in an archival status at the time reassignment is attempted will remain with their current rep.
  • Reassigning a single property from one rep to another, in most cases, should be done from the Main page of that specific property.