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Email Access

The Email Access tab allows you to add email addresses directly into Broker Brain, and to specify whether those addresses should be on the Whitelist or on the Blacklist.  Any individual with an email set as Whitelist will have the ability to respond to any message sent from Broker Brain. Those messages will be received and stored in the property notes section.  Blacklisted email addresses will be blocked, and therefore will be unable to send messages into Broker Brain.
Adding Email Addresses
1.  Click the Admin Tab at top of the screen and the Email Access sub tab at left.  The following screen will appear:
2. In the Type field, specify whether the email address you are adding should be on the Whitelist or the Blacklist.
3.  Enter the Email Address in the field provided.
4.  Click the green Add button.  The new address will be displayed beneath the Email Access List bar.
  • Users in the Email Access List can be deleted using the red Delete button, or be changed from Whitelist to Blacklist by using the drop-down box to change their current setting.