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In this section of Broker Brain, you can download all of your database data, photographs and attachments to a local file at any time.  You also have the ability to quickly and easily remove all tasks assigned to any user within the system.
Downloading Data
1.  From the Admin tab, click on the Maintenance tab on the left-hand side of the screen. The following screen will appear:
2.  Check any or all of the boxes in the Download Data section and click on the Download button. 
Additional Downloads
If you would like to download a spreadsheet of all of your vendors, click the Download All Vendors as CSV option and, in the pop-up that appears, follow the procedure you typically use for downloading information onto your computer. 
Deleting Incomplete Tasks
To remove all tasks assigned to a user system-wide, use the Delete Incomplete Tasks System Wide section.
1. Select the user's name from the drop-down box.
2. Click the green Submit button.
Account Information
If you were the individual who signed up for your Broker Brain account, you will also see an Account Information screen.  You can change your basic account information here by clicking on the Log In button. For security purposes, only the original login that is created when Broker Brain is initiated can access this information.  Account information can also be changed from the My Account tab at the top of the screen.  From the Account Information screen, you can:
    • Change your company information
    • Change your credit card billing information
    • Change your billing plan to adjust the number of allowable properties
  • If you were the individual who signed up for your Broker Brain account and you would like to authorize other users to modify the account's bill payment information, please call Broker Brain Support to enable this option.