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Multiple Markets

Working with Multiple Markets
If you work with multiple markets, when you log in to Broker Brain, the Market Selector in the upper right-hand corner will give you the option to select the market you wish to view, as shown below:
If you are a Super User... Using the Market Selector, you can determine whether you wish to view one market or All markets. Choosing All gives you the ability to both view and manipulate information and generate reports across multiple markets.
If you are NOT a Super User... you will still have an All option. If you elect to view All Markets, the options you are able to view within Broker Brain will depend upon the permissions you have been given within each market. For instance, if you have permissions to run certain types of reports in one market but you do not have permissions to run those reports in another market, when you click All, you will be unable to run those reports you do not have permissions for. This is also the case when viewing information at the property or task level. Also note that some Top Level tabs will be hidden from view when in All markets if in one of your markets you have restrictions to that information.
  • Some information is market specific (such as Auto Tasks, Groups, Utilities, and Vendors) and will not display when you select All markets, whether you are a Super User or not.