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Statuses are used within Broker Brain to note the current standing of a property.  The property itself will bear a status (such as Initial, Listed, or Under Contract).  These are referred to as Property statuses.  There are many other kinds of statuses used in Broker Brain as well, each related to various events or stages a property must go through. As a property moves through its work flow, statuses are updated, so you can easily determine the current status of each event that takes place.  For example, statuses will indicate the current standing of an offer, a preservation, an eviction, or a contract.  
When you initially access the Statuses tab, you will see the status sub tabs at right (some of which are shown circled below).  These are the items for which statuses are used.  Each of these tabs contain their own set of default statuses.  However, because Broker Brain was designed to be customized to fit your company's work flow, you are not limited to using these statuses only. You can create any number of desired statuses, as well as manage details for how some of the statuses will be used. 
To view more information on working with statuses, click the button next to the Statuses tab at left or click on one of the sub pages shown at the bottom of this screen.

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