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Billing Status


 Your Broker Brain account is set up with three standard billing statuses for repair expenses. They are:
  • Vendor Invoice Received
  • Client Billed
  • Payment Received
Additional Billing Statuses can be created depending upon need and preference.

Adding a New Billing Status

1. From the Admin tab, click on the Statuses sub tab at left. A series of tabs will appear at the top of the screen to the right, as shown below. Click the Billing tab.
The following screen will appear:

2. Enter the status name in the Status field.
3. Select the desired weight of the item from the Weight drop-down box. The status weight controls the sorting order of each status in menus where they can be selected. The lower the number, the higher the item will appear on the list. Before you set a weight, review the current statuses beneath the Billing Status List bar. These are the current billing statuses and are listed in order by weight.

4. Click the green Add button. The new status will be added to the current status list.

  • For information on renaming or deleting a status, click here.
  • If you wish to change the weight of a status, select a new number from the Weight drop-down box and click the Update button.
  • Billing status can be seen within a given repair for a property. Repairs are on the Properties>Preservation tab. The billing status will only be seen if the repair in question is in a preservation status for which you choose to show this information.