Stop Preservation Svcs

If you have contracted ongoing preservation services on a property, you can use the auto tasking system to send a stop service notification to your vendor(s) prior to COE.  The information below will detail how to send an automatic email notification 7 days prior to the Expected COE date. 
Creating a Stop Preservation Services Email Notification Task

1.  From Admin>Auto Tasks, create a Preservation Auto Task with the Type field set to Email Notification (For details on creating a preservation auto task, click here):
2.  In the Date Trigger section of the task (shown highlighted in the screen shot below), type a number in the Expected COE Date field and change the after option to before.  In our example, we added a 7 in this field, indicating that the email should go out 7 days before the expected COE.

3. In the Conditions section, add some conditions to narrow down which properties will receive the email. If no conditions are added, all vendors on all properties will receive this email whenever a property approaches Expected COE.  In our example above, we used the Ongoing Services Approved preservation status (shown circled), which is a status we created (for details on creating a preservation status, click here).  You can also add Property Status and Bid Type conditions (shown highlighted in yellow above). 
4.  Once the auto task has been created, reopen it and create your email, being sure to use the %approved_vendor_email% macro in the TO: field.  For more specific instructions on creating an email, click here.