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Associating Emails with a Property

All notes generated within Broker Brain have a note signature attached to them.  This signature identifies which property the note belongs to.  If an email is sent to your Broker Brain address from an outside email address and the sender does not identify the email with a property, the email will come through with no note signature attached, thus having no property association.  The email can be viewed from the Home>Email>Inbox tab only. You can easily add a property association using the Notes Pick button. 
Emails with no property association will have an Alert icon next to them.  In the sample shown below, the first email has no property associated with it, but the second one does:
To Associate a Note with a Property:
1.  Click on the email to expand it.  The note detail will appear in a separate area at the bottom of your screen.  A message will display in red, indicating there is no property association, therefore no note associated with the property: 
2.  Click the Properties tab.  Locate the property you wish to associate the email with.
3.  Click the Notes sub tab at left.
4.  Click Note Signature, shown circled in red below:
5.  A URL address will appear.  Click the green PICK button.  The words "Signature saved" wil appear briefly to the right of the button.
6. Click the Home tab (then the Email sub tab if necessary) to return to the email you wish to associate with the property, then click the email to reveal the note detail.  The text in the red message will have changed, indicating the property address you picked. 
7.  Click on the red message, then click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.  The red text will change to the property address you picked.  The email is now associated with that property and can be viewed in the property's Notes tab.
  • Once you have picked an address, it can be assigned to multiple properties. It will remain in Broker Brain memory as the "picked" address until you pick another address or until you log out.