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Replying to & Forwarding Emails

To reply to or forward an email, click on it to display the email's detail.  It will display in a pane at the bottom of your screen, as shown below:
Click either the Reply, Reply to All, or Forward button located above the email's detail in the lower pane, then complete the information in the Email Notes box. For more information on completing this box, see Adding Notes via Email
Broker Brain will store any replies or forwards in the Inbox with the original email. Whenever you access your Inbox, you can easily see which emails have replies or forwards attached to them, as the email will display with a number in parentheses next to it. In the sample below, you can see that one email has three emails associated with it (one original email and two responses) and another has two.
If you click the Email, it will expand to show the related emails, highlighting the original email in light yellow.