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The Home>Expenses tab allows you to access expenses not yet submitted or reimbursed for ALL properties across Broker Brain.  Here, you can view, update, and delete these expenses, thereby performing mass entry across all properties from one convenient location.
  • Only Property Expense Power Users will have access to this tab.  For more information on power users, see Groups.
  • Expenses shown in these sub tabs can also be viewed on the property level.
  • To add or modify expense information, simply click in the appropriate field, add to or change the information, then click the green Update button at right.
  • An expense can be deleted by clicking the red Delete button at right, and selecting "Yes" in the Delete Confirmation dialog box.
To view expenses that have not been submitted:
1.  From the Home tab, click the Expenses sub tab at left. 
2.  Click the Not Submitted sub tab at right. 
  • Expenses will be appear on this tab only if both the Submitted Date and the Submitted Amount fields are empty.  Entering data into either of these fields will cause the expense to be removed from this section; however, it can still be viewed at the property level.
To view expenses that have not been reimbursed:
1. From the Home tab, click the Expenses sub tab at left.
2. Click the Not Reimbursed sub tab at right. 
  • Expenses will appear here only if both the Reimbursed Date and the Reimbursed Amount fields do not contain any data. Upon entering information into either of these fields, the expense will be removed and can then be viewed only at the property level.