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Task Screen Components

Broker Brain uses a color coding system to help you quickly identify the status of a task's due date.  As shown in the sample below, all tasks will display in a colored bar.  Each color has a different meaning:
  • A red bar indicates the task is overdue.
  • A yellow bar indicates the task is due TODAY.
  • A green bar indicates the task is due sometime in the future.
When viewing tasks, it is important to understand the meaning of the different icons and other information displayed.  See the diagram below and the text following for a complete definition of each.
+ Icon - Note that each task has a + next to the task name. Clicking the + will expand the task to show task detail in a lower pane.
Manual or Automatic Task Indicator - This icon indicates whether this task was generated as an Auto Task or if it was manually created.
Recurring Task Indicator - If an auto task has been created to automatically occur repeatedly, this icon will appear on any task it generates.
Prioritization - This shows the priority of the task. For information on how to prioritize tasks, see Prioritizing.
Created - This column shows the date the task was created.
Due - This shows the task's due date.
Group - This shows which group owns this task. All tasks must be owned by one group.
Owned by - This indicates the individual who owns the task. If the task has not been assigned to any one person, the Owned by field will show N/A.
Own Task Button - This button will appear only for tasks that are not owned by any individual. Clicking this button allows you to take ownership of the task.  See Un-owned Tasks for more information.
Note Attached - This indicates that a note has been attached to the task.  You can view the note by clicking the + next to the task name.  The note will appear in a lower pane at the bottom of the screen.
Overdue or Days Until Due - A number will be shown here in parentheses. If it is a positive number, (2) for example, it indicates the number of days overdue. If it is a negative number, (-2) for example, it indicates how many days you have left to complete the task before it becomes overdue.
Mark Complete Button - Clicking this button will mark the task as complete, effective today. See Marking Complete for more information.
Delete Task Button - Clicking this icon will permanently remove the task from the Broker Brain system. For more information, see Deleting a Task.

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