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Use the Email tab to format your Broker Brain email account.  Be sure to click the green update button next to each field as you make changes.
1.  Click the My Account tab at the top of the screen.  The Email screen will appear as shown: 

2.  If you wish to be notified via email when updates are made to the Broker Brain system, enable the Receive Email Notification when system updates are made available checkbox.
3.  Type in the new email address that you would like associated with your Broker Brain account in the Update Email Address field. Click the green Update button at right to save your information.
4.  In outgoing emails, your name will appear however it is set up under Admin>Users.  If you want your outgoing emails to display your name differently, indicate this in the Send Email As field.  Click the green Update button at right to save your information.
5.  If you want to allow others to be able to send emails in your name, check the Allow others to send email as me field. 
6.  In the Email Subject field, indicate what information you would like to include with your outgoing emails.  Be sure to click the Update button to incorporate the change.  Your options are: 
  • Property address only
  • Client and property address
  • REO number and property address
  • Loan number and property address
  • REO number, Loan number, and property address
7.  By default, emails generated from the Notes section of Broker Brain will be identified with a Broker Brain email address. If you would prefer to disable this feature so that emails will show as coming from your private address, click the check box next to Send email from my private address. Once this field is enabled, any responses to those emails will also go back to that private address. Generally, you do not want this feature enabled unless there are individuals in your office whose correspondence you don’t want logged into Broker Brain.
8.  If you elect to send email from your private email address,  email responses will not come back into Broker Brain and will not show them as being sent on behalf of Broker Brain UNLESS you set up a relay host and account information for your private email address using the Relay Host, Relay Port, Relay Username, and Relay Password fields.  By setting up a relay host you are instructing us to send email through your server and by doing so, the Broker Brain email system will use that information to check your email account for responses to emails that you send from Broker Brain and bring them back into the system.  The information needed for these fields can be provided by your email administrator.  If you make changes to these fields, be sure to click the green Update button to save your changes.
9.  The system is set up to notify you when graylist messages come into your account. If you do not wish to see these messages, you can disable them by checking the Disable Graylist Note Notifications box.
10. Set the My Inbound Message Notifications fields as needed:
  • Notify: By entering an email address and selecting Notify from the drop down box, you are electing to have Broker Brain send an email to that address notifying you that an email has been received for you within Broker Brain. Be sure to click Update after adding this information.
  • Forward: If inbound messages are enabled within Broker Brain, you can elect to forward these messages to any number of email addresses. To do this, type an email address in the space provided, select forward from the drop down box, and click Update. To add additional email addresses, click Add. Be sure to click Update after all email addresses have been added. To remove email addresses, click Remove next to the appropriate email address. If only one email address has been entered, highlight the address, delete it, and change the notification option to none.
Note: If you do not see the formatting options as shown above, go to the Site Settings section under the Admin tab and change your Text Mode to HTML.
Email Signatures
Broker Brain gives you the ability to create one or more Email signatures for use when sending emails.  For information on how to create an Email Signature, click here.