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The Note Tab Search feature allows you to search notes system wide for the purpose of auditing recent property activity.  For information on running a property specific Notes search, click here.
To Search Notes System Wide
1. Click the Notes tab at the top of the screen, then the Search sub tab at left. The following screen will appear:
2. If desired, type a key word into the Search Text field. This will return all current notes containing this word. If you are not searching for any particular information but wish to see all notes posted within a specified date range, leave this field blank.
3. In the Date Range field, indicate whether you wish to view notes posted today, yesterday, this week, last week, this month, or last month.
4. If you are looking for notes posted by a specific user, select their name from the Created by User dialog box.
5. Click the green Search button. The notes will appear below the search box as shown:
6. To view a note's detail, click the + next to the note's name to expand it. In a colored bar, you will see the property address that the note pertains to. At the right of the note's detail, you will also see a brown box that indicates where, within that property, the note was originated. In the sample below, the note from the Quicktime Circle property was created as a general note within the Property>Preservation section of Broker Brain, while the 123 Happy Ln property note was created within an actual preservation.