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Adding a New Property

  • You must have Add Property privileges to be able to add a new property to your system. This privilege can be added under Admin > Groups.
To Add a New Property
1.  Click on the Properties tab.   
2.  Click the New sub tab at left.  The following screen will appear: 

3.  If the Market field at the upper right corner of your screen is set to All, you will see a Market field in this dialog box, which you must use to select the market in which the property is located. If you are already viewing a particular market, the Market field in the dialog box will default to display the market you are currently in. Note: For information on adding additional markets, click here.
4.  In the Street Address field, type in as much of the address information as is known, including St, Ave, Cir, etc.  
5.  Click the green Validate button.  Google Maps will validate the address. This feature helps to keep the data integrity for each of your properties at the highest level. When validating, you will receive a pop-up similar to the one below:
A Google Map will also appear for the address shown in the pop-up. Google Maps is fairly accurate, but newer addresses may not be in their database. If the address shown in the pop-up screen is not the correct address, select No and your address information will not be changed. You may still enter the property.  If the address in the pop-up screen is correct, click Yes.  The validation process will complete and the map will  be added to your property entry. After you have validated the address, a screen will appear below the map.  Following is a portion of that screen:

6.  In order to save the property, there are some property details that MUST be added (see below). Details that you do not have or are not required can be entered at a later date in the Properties > Main tab: 
  • In the Client section, the Client field is required before the system will let you add the property. For information on adding clients into the system, see Clients. 
  • You cannot add a rep to the property when adding a new property. This can be done while editing the property. If you have a default rep assigned for this client, that rep will automatically be assigned when the property is created.
  • In the Initial Status section, you must select a property status before the system will let you add the property. If you do not want any Auto Tasks to be generated for this initial property status, select the Disable Auto Tasks option. For information on Auto Tasks, see Auto Tasks.
  • In the Misc section, you may select the Remove from public website option. When this option is selected, the property that you are adding will not be searchable on your public Broker Brain website, even if the property is in a status that you have set as public. You can elect to make the property visible on the public web at a later date by accessing the property's Main page (Misc sub tab). For information on setting status as public, see Statuses.
7.  Click any one of the green Add buttons.  The property will be added to the system.

  • If you are attempting to add a new property and you are at the limit of allowable properties based on your price plan, the Add button will not be available. You will instead receive a message indicating that you are at your limit. (For information on how to increase your price plan, see Maintenance).
  • If you are importing multiple properties at once, this is accomplished from the Admin > Imports tab. (For information on importing multiple properties, see Import).
  • Once you have added a property to the Broker Brain system, it cannot be deleted. If you have a property that no longer requires extensive management, it is recommended that you move it to an Archival status such as Cancelled or Settled. This will keep a property from counting against your maximum number of properties. To review how to create an archival status, see Archiving a Property.
  • If you are adding a traditional lease property, be sure to set the Asset Type to Managed.


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