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Archiving & Reactivating a Property

Because Broker Brain's pricing plan is based on the number of open properties you have in the system, it important to archive any inactive properties to avoid being charged for them. This is a simple process. 
  • Before you can archive a property, you must have a property status in your system that is set as Archival.  Typically the Closed property status is used for this purpose.  However, you can create additional property statuses that are also set to Archival.  To do this, see Admin Tab>Statuses>Property.
  • For a list of what you CAN and CANNOT do with a property once it is in Archived status, c.lick here.
To Archive a Property:
1.  Access the property from the Properties tab.
2.  Click the Status sub tab at left to reveal the screen below:
3.  Click the + next to Change Status.  The following screen will appear.
4.  Click the drop-down arrow in the Status field, as shown circled above.
5.  Change the property status to Closed or to another status that is set as an Archival status, then click the green Submit button.  Your property will be moved to a new sub tab with the name of the status you chose (Properties>Closed if you chose that status).  When you view the property, it will display an Archived icon, as shown below:
To Reactivate a Property:

Simply locate the property as described above and change the status to one that is not set as an Archival status.