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Public Site: Specifying Viewable Properties

The properties that are available for view on your public site will depend upon two conditions:
  • The public site settings you have defined within Broker Brain.
  • The property status of each property.
Broker Brain uses property statuses to determine which properties can appear on your public site, based on the settings you have defined.  This way, all properties within each status you have chosen are available for public view. You can allow properties from any desired status to appear on your public site.  All you have to do is specify which property statuses those are.
Selecting Statuses for Public View
To determine which statuses should appear on your public site:
1.  From the Admin tab, select the Statuses sub tab at left.
2.  Select the Property sub tab at right.
3.  Locate the property status you wish to appear on your public site.
4.  Place a check mark in the Public check box, as shown below.
5. Click the green Update button to save your change.  Note:  If you plan to change the settings for more than one status, you need to click the Update button next to each one before changing the next, or your changes will not be saved.
  • To specify how you want your Public Site to appear, you need to update your preferences in Site Settings.  For more information, click here. 
  • If you have a property in a status that is viewable on the public site  but should not appear for public view, you can remove it at the property level. Click here for more information.