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Adding a Short Sale Property

Before adding any short sale properties, you will want to take care of some initial setup.  If you haven't done so yet, see Short Sale Property Setup.
To add a Short Sale Property
1. Follow the instructions for Adding A New Property. When adding the property, be certain to set the property's Asset Type to Short Sale, as shown below. The Asset Type can also be changed later in Properties > Main > Specs.
Once the property's Asset Type has been set to Short Sale (as detailed above), note that new Short Sale sub tabs will appear at the top and at the left of the property's screen, both of which are shown circled in red below.  These tabs will be utilized in step 3:
2. On each property's Main > Client tab, add the property's Listing Agent into the Client Rep field:
3. Click on the Short Sale sub tab at the top of the property screen to reveal the screen below:
4. Click the Edit button (shown circled in red above). If you added a Short Sale Negotiator in Admin > Users, you can assign them to the property here in the In House Negotiator field. Add in any other pertinent information, then click the green Update button at the bottom of the screen.