Properties Tab

The Properties tab within Broker Brain is the starting point for accessing properties that have been added into the system.  This tab contains all information related to properties, from tasks, to preservations, to offers, to any other property related information.  When you initially click on Properties, you will see a list of sub tabs at left. These tabs allow you to select the type of property you wish to view (see the screen shot below). For instance, if you click on Listed, all properties with a status of Listed will appear in the screen at right. Each listed property will display in its own window, along with some of the pertinent property information.
Note: Broker Brain comes preloaded with many default tabs; however, you can create additional tabs by adding additional property statuses. Click here for more information.
To Open a Property
1. Click on the Properties tab (shown circled in the screen shot below).
2. From the sub tabs at left (on the Side Navigation Bar), select the property status that contains the property you wish to view. In our sample below, we selected Listed. All properties in the selected status will appear at right.
3. Locate the desired property.  To do so, you can scroll through the list or click the Next>> button at the upper right of the screen (in the colored bar).  You may also elect to run a property search (Click here for more information on how to do that).  
4. Once you have located the property, click on the property address. The property will open, and the tabs displayed in the Side Navigation Bar will change to show tabs that are related to properties.  These tabs apply to the selected property only. In the screen shot below, you will notice that the Main menu in the Side Navigation Bar is highlighted in burgundy, indicating that this is the active sub tab, and therefore the information displayed on the screen will be related to that tab.
Directly to the right of the Main tab you will note a series of sub tabs (in our sample these tabs are: Property, Specs, Client, etc.). Each of these tabs contains different information related to the Main tab of the property. Many of the subtabs within Broker Brain will have a secondary set of sub tabs much like this.
In the following screen shot, we have identified various components of the Properties screen with blue tags to help you understand what these components are. A description of each can be found in the Properties Screen Components section below.
  • To view a new property, click on the Properties tab again and repeat the above process. 
Properties Screen Components
  • Market Selector - If you have access to multiple markets, this is where you can change the market you wish to view.
  • Navigation Menus, Side Navigation Bar, and Property Sub Tabs - These menus allow you to access different locations within Broker Brain. Click here for a detailed explanation on how these tabs function and how you can use them to navigate through Broker Brain.
  • Property Address - This displays the address of the currently selected property.
  • Property Flags - If any flags have been added to the property, they will display here. If you mouse over each flag, a pop-up will display their meaning.
  • Property Info - This area of the screen shows the property status (in our case Listed), the Client (our is Fannie Mae), the REO number (54321), the Loan Number (abc123), the current price, how many offers have been made on the property, how many days on the market from the Agent List Date (24), and how many days on the market from the MLS List Date (N/A).
  • # Active properties in your account - This will tell you how many properties you have active in your account and what your active property limit is according to your current pricing plan.
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