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With Broker Brain, you now have the ability to type the information directly on the BPO form and submit it directly to the bank. In addition, you can quickly create a BPO from previously entered BPO's. Comparable data can be pulled from the current properties BPO, or from a different property in the same area. If pulling comparables from a near by property, the subject property and near by property clients must match.

Prior to creating a BPO make sure that you have assigned the appropriate Form Set to the clients. This is done from the Admin Tab > Clients page, from the following screen:

Currently, the only Form Set available is for Fannie Mae. However, there are more to come. Once you have selected the appropriate Form Set for the client, click on Update. At this point you will be able to create BPOs for those clients. NOTE: The Fannie Mae form set is for Fannie Mae ONLY, not Fannie Mae outsourcers. Outsourcer forms will be coming soon.