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Adding Property Photos

Once you have created a BPO you can add photos into it. 

Adding Photos of the Property in the BPO

Photographs of the subject property are not added from the BPO page. They are actually pulled from the Photos section for that property. To ensure that the photos that you want for the BPO are included, you need to note the screen below:

Any photos that you want to be part of your BPO must have one of the BPO types selected. If they do, they will automatically appear on the BPO page and will become part of the report.


  • As per the standard Fannie Mae BPO format, only one of each of the types can be used for a BPO and they will always appear on the first Photo page of the report.
  • You may choose as many photos with the Additional type as you like and they will be added to subsequent pages in the BPO. For Additional Type photos, you will have the ability to weight them in the BPO Photos screen to determine the order they appear in the report. Remember, the pictures with the lowest weights will appear first in the document.
  • If you have previously added photos to a BPO and then add new ones, be aware that when a new BPO is submitted, the photos shown in the photos tab/section will be the current BPO photos.  The original photos are retained and stored on the photo sheet of the submitted BPO as a note attachment.
  • For information on removing photos or adding additional photos after the BPO has been created, click here.