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Copying Comp Info

You can Copy the information for the Comps from a completed BPO to another BPO if both properties are owned by the same client. Follow the below process:

1. Click on the Copy button as seen earlier in this section.

2. Go to the new property and click on the BPO page. Choose Add New BPO and the following screen will appear:

3. In addition to completing the Type field, you will now have the option in the Auto Fill menu to select the information that you want copied. You can specify which comp information will be copied by selecting the desired options below the Auto Fill menu. Click on ADD.


  • The Sub Form option will be grayed out because it will use the same Sub Form as the BPO selected in the Auto Fill menu.
  • Not only is the comp info from the form copied into the new BPO form, but any comp photos from that property will also be added to the property for which the new BPO is being created. If the current property already has comp photos in the system, those will be replaced with the ones coming from the auto fill comps.
  • You can also auto fill and copy comp information from the BPO form from the BPO that was most recently submitted for this property.