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Creating a New BPO

Creating a new BPO

1. Click on the Properties Tab at the top of your Broker Brain website.

2. Find the property for which you want to create a BPO and click View.

3. Once on the individual property page, click on BPO on the left side of the screen. The following screen will appear:

4. Click on the + next to Add New BPO and the following screen will appear:

5. Choose the Type of BPO from the drop down (Initial, Update, Second Opinion, External) and select the Sub Form. (Currently only the Single Family option is available, the Multi Family form is coming soon.) You may also add comments.

Note: The Auto Fill section applies when you are copying BPO information from another BPO into a new one or from a previously entered BPO. This will be discussed later.

6. Click Add and the following screen will appear:

7. To enter data into the BPO form, click the Edit button. An updatable pdf version of the appropriate form will appear for you to complete. To see a sample of the Multi Page BPO go to and click on the Sample Multi Page BPO link.

Notes about the Editable form:
  • The property information at the top of the page is auto filled based on the data in the system for that property. The Firm Name is based on the name used when you registered for Broker Brain and the Completed By field is the name of the client that was entered at the time of registration. This information can be changed by modifying your account at All of this information can be changed, if you choose.
  • Certain fields in the form are automatically populated for you. They are validated behind the scenes to ensure accurate data. An example of one of the fields that is auto populated is the Price/Gross Living area. Once you enter the price and the square footage in the form this field will be completed for you and is not editable.
  • When you are in the editable form, you will not see the photo pages. They will appear when you preview the form and when you submit it to the client.
8. When you are done editing the form, click Complete at the bottom of the form and the values in the screen on the previous page will be updated based on the information you provided.

  • BPO information that is summarized in the Broker Brain BPO section includes the date and type of BPO. It also displays the as is and repaired values and any comments that you enter in the form.

Previewing a Completed BPO

The preview option downloads a preview version of the completed BPO form with the accompanying photo pages. This action keeps the BPO in a pending status and is simply for previewing purposes.



Submitting a BPO

A BPO can be submitted directly to the client. Currently, that availability exists for Fannie Mae properties and clients. This is done by clicking on the Submit button as seen on page 2 of the document once you have made all of your edits and included all of your photos. Upon hitting Submit, a pop up will appear that allows you to sign into the Fannie Mae AMN website. You will be required to enter your username and password for their website. Broker Brain has a location in which you can store the websites that your firm uses as well as any user names and passwords that are required to access them. If you have set that up for Fannie Mae, the system will auto populate that information for you. This is done from the Web Sites tab at the top of the screen. In order for this functionality to work, note the screen shot below:

Complete all of the required fields, including Login Name and Password. Select the Special Type Fannie Mae BPO and click Add.

Any time that you submit a Fannie Mae BPO, the system will now automatically populate the login username and password field for you.