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Property expense reimbursements can be entered and tracked on the Expenses tab, including general, utility, and preservation reimbursements.  Utility or Preservation reimbursements can also be entered from their respective sub tabs.
Adding Reimbursements
1.  Click on the Expenses tab to view the property's expenses. 
2.  Select the appropriate sub tab; General, Utility, or Preservation.
3.  Locate the desired expense and enter the Reimbursed Date and the Reimbursed Amount in the fields shown circled below.
4.  Click the green Update button adjacent to the expense.
Once entered, the reimbursement amount will impact four fields, as shown highlighted above:
  • [General, Utility, or Preservation] Reimbursement Total : This field will total all the reimbursements for the sub tab you are currently on, including the amount you just entered. In our example, we have been reimbursed a total of $100 for all of our preservation expenses.

  • [General, Utility, or Preservation] Reimbursement Net: This field is the adjusted total of expenses after reimbursements for the sub tab you are on.  In our example, we had spent a total of $300 on preservation expenses, but since we were reimbursed for $100 of that, our net preservation expense total is now $200.

  • Property Reimbursement Total:  This will show the total amount of reimbursements on the property for all expense types combined.  Since, in our example, our Property Reimbursement Total shows $250 and our Preservation Reimbursement Total shows $100, we know that there are $150 worth of reimbursments that have been made for other types of expenses on the property that are not preservation related.

  • Property Net:  This is the new expense total after deducting all reimbursements made on the property for all expense types combined.