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Viewing & Updating Bids

To view bid information:
1.  From the Properties tab, click the Preservation sub tab on the left-hand side of the screen.  All repair bids that have been added will display in their own window, as shown below:
2.  Click the + next to the desired bid name to expand it.  This will open up a series of tabs you can use to update the bid information. 
3.  Click the Bids sub tab. This tab allows you to view and manage any bids you have added into the system.
A screen will appear, showing the bid you created.  If you added more than one vendor to your bid, each will each display in its own pane, as shown below:
To update bid information:
You can update any of the information in the bid by completing the desired field and clicking the Update button in the appropriate vendor's window. 
  • Whenever you update the screen it reverts back to the Preservation tab. You will need to click the Bids subtab again to see your changes.