Adding from a Group

If you have created a preservation group, you can use the Brokers Scope of Repairs (BSOR) form to create preservations, vendor bids, and BSORs for bidding vendors, all in a single click. It is important to note that when you use this feature, Broker Brain generates preservations by section, as opposed to creating separate preservations.  For example, if you have two preservations in the Carpentry section of the BSOR, Broker Brain will generate one preservation called Carpentry, as opposed to separate preservations for each item that needs to be done.  If you prefer to track preservations by item, you will need to create each preservation separately.  Click here for information on creating Fannie Mae preservations.
  • Before you can proceed with the following instructions, you must first create a Group. Click here for information on how to do so.
Generating a Brokers Scope of Repair Form from a Group
1. Locate the group for which you wish to add the Brokers Scope of Repairs. Click the + next to the Group name to expand it.
2. Click on the Forms sub tab, as shown circled below:
3. Click the + next to Add New Form.
4. From the Form Type drop-down box, select Brokers Scope of Repairs and click the green Add button.
  • If you do not see the Brokers Scope of Repairs in the form list, you need to change the Form Set assigned to your Fannie Mae properties. For information on assigning Form Sets, see Clients.
Your form will now appear in a colored bar, as shown below:
5. Click the green Edit button. The Brokers Scope of Repairs form will appear on your screen:
6. Complete the form as follows:
a. DO NOT complete the Contractor information at the top of the form. Since you are generating multiple forms at once, if you add this information, it will be incorrect on all of your forms. Broker Brain will fill in this information for each vendor as the forms are createdNote: Broker Brain pulls the contractor information from the data you entered into the system.  If this information does not appear on the BSOR, you need to add information for the contact under Admin>Vendors.
b. Type the necessary repair information in the appropriate spaces of the form.
c. In each section you have placed information, click Choose Vendors (shown circled above). The following dialog box will appear:
d. Click the drop down arrow next to Choose... and select a bid type. This will narrow your vendor list down based on the type of work they do, and will display a list of available vendors. Select each bidding vendor and click the X in the upper right corner to close the dialog box.
e. When the form is completed, scroll down to the bottom of the screen:
f. If you wish to return to the form later to add more information, ensure that the box above the green SAVE button reads Save Changes (as shown above), then click the SAVE button. If the form is complete and you are ready to create a BSOR for each of your vendors, click the drop-down arrow next to Save Changes and select Save and Create Preservations by Section. 
 g. Click New Preservation Status (in blue, adjacent to the Save Changes drop-down). The following box will open:
h. In the Change Status field, select the current status for this group of preservations
i. If you wish to add an Effective Date other than today, enter the date into the same named field.
j. If you have created any preservation auto tasks and you do not wish for them to generate for this particular item, click the Disable Auto Tasks checkbox. See Preservation Auto Tasks for more information on the auto tasking feature.
k. Add any desired comments in the Status Comment field.
l. Click the black X in the upper right corner to close the box.
m. Click the green SAVE button. 
7. To view each preservation Broker Brain created, click the Preservations sub tab:
8. A preservation will now display for each section of the BSOR for which you added vendors.  To view the preservation information, click the + adjacent to the preservation name.
9. To view the vendor bids and the BSOR created for each vendor, click the + adjacent to the preservation name to expand it, then click the Bids subtab from that preservation. Each vendor you specified in the Brokers Scope of Repairs form will appear in their own pane. In the Vendor Forms section beneath each vendor, you will see the vendor's Brokers Scope of Repairs form.
10. Although Broker Brain can automatically generate the Brokers Scope of Repairs, you will need to email the forms to each vendor (Note: we are currently in the process of creating a vendor website where vendors will be able to complete the forms assigned to them online in the near future).  To email the BSOR, click the + next to each vendor's Brokers Scope of Repairs. The following screen will appear:
11. Click the EMAIL button and follow the process to send an email. You do not need to add the form as an attachment. That will be done automatically. A record of the email will be kept under Notes in the Vendor Forms section of each vendor bid (below the Edit, Email, Download buttons), with the form shown as an attachment.
  • To Delete a form, click the red Delete button beneath the form and select YES in the confirmation dialog box.
  • Click the Download button if you wish to save a copy of a form on your computer.
To Make Changes to the Form
To add another vendor or make other changes to the Brokers Scope of Repairs form:

1.  Locate the preservation Group and click the + next to the preservation name to expand it.
2. Click on the Forms sub tab.  This will take you to the master Brokers Scope of Repairs, which is what Broker Brain created and used to create each vendor's BSOR.
3. Click the + next to the Brokers Scope of Repairs, shown circled below:

4. Click the green Edit button.
5. Make the desired changes to the form.
6. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen. To update the existing vendor BSORs, click the the Save Changes drop-down arrow and select Save and Create Preservations by Section.
7.  Select New Preservation Status (shown in blue), complete the dialog box, and close it with the black X in the upper right corner.
8.  Click the green SAVE button beneath.