Adding a Group

Broker Brain now offers you the option of grouping your preservations together.  This allows you to manage your preservations easier.  Simply create a group, then add your preservations to that group.  All preservations will display in the group's Preservations tab.
To Add a Group
1.  Click the Preservation sub tab on the left-hand side of the screen. The following screen will appear:
2.  Click Add Preservation to reveal the following screen:
Note:  You will initially see a Select Vendors section at the bottom of the screen, but this will change with the next step and will not be used here.
3. Set the Type field to Group.
4.   Indicate the type of preservation this group will represent in the Bid Type field. For more information on bid types, including creating new ones, see Bid Types.
5.  Leave the Assign to Preservation Group set to None. Note: This field will be used later to assign preservations to the group you are creating now. 
6. Add a name for the group in the Description field.
7. If you wish to assign a user to oversee the work, select their name from the Assigned to field and place a check mark next to Requires Followup. This will cause the group and all preservations within it to appear in the user's Home tab on the Preservations sub tab, similar to the screen shown below:
8. Note any pertinent information related to the group in the Summary field.
9. Select a status for the group from the Initial Status field. For information on creating additional Preservation statuses, see Statuses>Preservation.
10. If you wish to note an Effective Date other that today's date, you may do so in that field. Otherwise the system will automatically enter today's date when you add the group.
11. If you have any comments to note that are related to the status, do so in the Status Comment field.
12. If you have created any preservation auto tasks and you do not wish for them to generate for this particular item, click the Disable Auto Tasks checkbox. See Preservation Auto Tasks for more information on the auto tasking feature.
13. Click the Add button to add the group.  It will appear in the Groups section of the screen.