Moving an Existing Preservation to a Group

Before you can move a preservation to a group, you must create the group. Click here for information on how to do this.
 To Move a Preservation to Group
1. From the Preservation sub tab, locate the preservation you wish to move.  Click the + adjacent to the preservation name to view the detail.
2.  Click the drop-down arrow in the Assign to Preservation Group field and select the Group name.
3.  Make any other desired changes, then click the green Update button.  The preservation will be moved to the group. 
4.  To view the preservation, expand the Group you added the item to by clicking the + next to the Group name (in the sample below, our group is named "Rehab Repairs"), then click on the Preservations tab (highlighed in yellow below). All preservations added to the group will display here. You can click the + next to each preservation name (shown circled in red below) to view the preservation detail.