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If you have a photo you would like to attach to a preservation, this is easily done following the instructions in Uploading Photos into Broker Brain.  All preservation photos are uploaded in the Properties>Photos tab, and during the upload process they are attached to the specific preservation they belong to. 
Once the photo is uploaded, you can click on the Preservation>Photos sub tab to view it.  Following is the screen you will see (Note: Up to 100 photos can be viewed from Preservation>Photos.  If you have more than that, you can view them all from the Properties>Photos tab): 
Editing and Deleting a Photo
To edit a photo's information (including tags, description, photo name, changing which preservation it belongs to, etc.), click the  button located beneath the photo.  Click the  button to remove the photo.  Note that when you remove a photo from a preservation, it will delete it from the property altogether.  For more information on editing and deleting photos, see Editing & Deleting.
Emailing a Photo
Photos can be emailed from either the Preservation tab or the Photos tab; the process is essentially the same from either location.  For instructions on emailing a photo, see Emailing Photos.
Downloading a Photo
Photos can be downloaded from either the Preservation tab or the Photos tab.  To download from the Preservation tab, follow the instructions for Downloading Multiple Photographs in Photos>Downloading.