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To update a repair status, open the bid from Properties>Preservation and click the Statuses sub tab to reveal the screen below. This tab allows you to update both the preservation status and the billing status of a repair. 
To update Preservation or Billing status
1.  Click the drop-down arrow in the Change Status field.
2.  If the date the new status became effective is any other day than today, indicate that in the Effective Date field; otherwise you can skip this field and Broker Brain will automatically enter today's date when you click the Update button.
3.  If any Auto Tasks have been created to generate when a preservation changes to the status you are about to select and you do NOT want this to occur for this preservation only, place a check mark in the Disable Auto Tasks field. 
4.  Place any desired comments in the Status Comment field. 
5.  Click the green Update button.