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Adding to a Property

Flags are useful for identifying specific property issues. Flags can be customized at the property level to show issues specific to that property only.
  • For information on creating flags to be used across all properties, click here.
  • Only users belonging to groups with Property Flags privileges are able to create flags. Additionally, flag icons will only display on properties for users who have these privileges. If a user does not have Property Flags privileges, they will see a "No Access Alert" when they click on the Property>Flags sub tab. For more information on adding privileges, see Groups.
  • It is important to note that once a flag is added, it can only be changed or removed by either the person who added the flag or a Flags Power User. These individuals can delete the flag, update it, or move it in and out of active status. Power Users are set up in the Groups section of the Admin Tab. 
Adding a Flag to a Property
1. Click the Flags sub-tab on the left-hand side of the screen. The following screen will appear:
2. Click on the + next to Add New Flag to reveal the following screen:
3. In the Flag Color field, select the flag that you wish to use.
4. In the Flag field, add a specific description for that flag.
5. Click the Add button. All flags added will display under the Active Flags section. Any flags that are later made inactive will display under Inactive Flags. See below for information on making flags inactive.
Once a flag is added to a property, it will display at the bottom of your screen when you are working within that property. When you point your mouse to one of the flag icons, a description of that flag will appear in a pop-up. If you have an icon at the bottom of your screen, this indicates that you have Inactive Flags attached to that property.
  • You can set up the Broker Brain system to notify desired individuals that a new property flag was created by creating an automatic email notification through our Auto Tasking system.  To view a sample email and see instructions on how to set up a New Flag email notification, click here.
  • If an active flag becomes inactive, you can mark it as such from the Active Flags section by clicking the Inactive button adjacent to the Flag's name (see Active Flags screen shot above). This action will relocate the flag to the Inactive Flags section.
  • Flags in the Inactive Flags section can be reactivated by simply clicking the Active button.
  • Flags can be deleted by clicking Delete from either the Active Flags or Inactive Flags section.