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Adding a Form

Broker Brain has been loaded with the Form Sets you need for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae properties.  If you are looking to add a form related to an offer or a preservation, you will need to go to the Offer or Preservation sub tab.  For all other forms, follow the instructions below.  Note:  In order for your system to function properly with Broker Brain forms, your browser must be set up properly in Adobe Acrobat Reader. For more information, see Forms>Browser Setup.
  • For detailed instructions on adding an offer form, click here
  • For information on adding a preservation form, click here.  
To Add a Form:

1. Click the Forms sub tab on the left-hand side of the screen. The following screen will appear:
2. Click on the + next to Add New Form to reveal the following screen:

3.  In the Form Type field, click the drop-down arrow to reveal your form options.  Select the appropriate form and click the Add button. 
  • If you do not see the appropriate forms in the Form Type list, you may need to change the Form Set assigned to the property's client.  For information on assigning Form Sets, see Clients.
Your form will now appear in a colored bar, as shown below, along with any other forms that have been added. Note: If this is the first form that has been added, the form window will automatically expand to look like the screen shown in step #4.
  • For information on changing the Form Description, click here. 
4.  To work with the form, click the + next to the form's name.  The following screen will appear:

5. Click the Edit button to add information to the form.
6. When finished, click the SAVE or COMPLETE button at the bottom of the form. This will save your form information and redirect you back into Broker Brain.  Note:  If you do not click the SAVE or COMPLETE button, the form will not be saved onto the Broker Brain server and you will have to enter your information again. 
  • To email the form, click the Email button and complete the Email Forms screen. The email will be stored in the Notes section of Properties>Forms, with the Form shown as an attachment.
  • Click the Download button if you wish to save a copy of the form on your computer.
  • If you wish to remove the form, click the red Delete button and select YES in the confirmation dialog box.