Adding an Inspection

When an inspection occurs on a property, you can track the results of the inspection following the instructions below.
Adding a New Inspection
1.  From the desired property, click the General Inspections sub tab at left. 
2.  Click the + adjacent to Add New Inspection to reveal the following screen:
3.  From the Inspection Type field, select the type of inspection being added.  The screen will expand to show the following detail:
  • Initially, Broker Brain will display only the "Generic" Inspection Type.  You can create additional inspection types from the "Types" section of the Admin tab.  If a particular inspection form is to be used with a certain Inspection Type, this is also specified in the "Types" section.  For detailed instructions on Inspection Types, click here.
  • If you would like to add an Inspection form into the Broker Brain system to be automatically generated when General Inspections are added, send the form to:
4.  Enter the date of the inspection in the Date Completed field. 
5.  Add any desired information into the Comment field.
6.  Indicate the results of the inspection using the drop-down boxes at right.
  • You can set up Broker Brain to auto populate the "Confirmed On Date" and "Turn Off Date" on the Utilities tab when an inspector submits a new inspection.  Once set up, this information is updated when a "Yes" or "No" is selected in the Current Condition section of the inspection screen shown above. The set up is done in Site Settings by checking the option shown below.  To be directed to the Site Settings help screen, click here
7.  Note the Appliances accounted for using the appropriate check boxes. 
8.  If showing records were obtained during the inspection, this information can be added into the Showings field.  Adding this information will automatically create a showing entry in the Showings sub tab at left.
9.  Clicking the Notify check box at the bottom of the screen will cause an automatic email notification to be sent IF a corresponding Email Notification Auto Task has been created.  For information on creating an Automatic Email Notification Auto Task for General Inspections, click here.
Note:  If the Notify checkbox is checked when you add the inspection, a message will appear at the bottom of the Inspection comments screen, as shown circled below:
A "Notify was Checked" comment will also appear at the top of the General Inspections window: