Inspection Email Notification

You can set up the Broker Brain system to automatically notify desired individuals each time a General Inspection occurs.  This is a two-step process:
First, you must create an Auto Task that will send an Automatic Email Notification.  Details on how to go about this are defined below.
Second, when a General Inspection is added into the Broker Brain system, you must click the Notify button at the bottom of the General Inspection screen.  This is what will trigger the Email Notification to be sent.  Click here for more information.
Creating a General Inspection Email Notification Auto Task
Follow the instructions defined here for creating a Property Auto Task, keeping the following information in mind:
  • The task Type should be set to Email Notification or Task & Email Notification, as shown below (highlighted in yellow).
  • You must set the System Trigger field to General Inspection Notify, shown circled below.
When creating the Message portion of the email, you will want to use some of the Auto Task Macros provided to be sure pertinent information is included in each notification. These macros are: %property% and %system_trigger_info% (shown circled below).  By adding these macros, you will ensure that the email includes both the property address and pertinent information about the inspection, which will include the inspection type and any comments that were added. You will also want to include some text indicating the purpose of the notification, as shown highlighted in blue below:
Once the Auto Task has been created, each time a new General Inspection is added with the Notify box checked, the recipient specified in the email notification will receive an email similar to the following: