When you click on the General Inspections sub tab, you will see a dialog box similar to the one shown below.  A General Inspection Photos bar will display, and any inspections that have been added will display in the History section of the screen. 
Photos can be attached to a specific inspection (for instance, our June 2nd inspection shown below), or they can be attached to the General Inspection Photos section shown in the gold bar. 
Although inspection photos can be viewed from the General Inspections tab, they must be uploaded from the Properties>Photos section of Broker Brain.  To upload photos, follow the instructions in Uploading Photos into Broker Brain, keeping the following information in mind:
  • If you wish to store the images in the General Inpsection Photos section shown in the gold bar above, check the General Inspection box shown highlighted below (you will see this dialog box during the upload process).
  • If you wish associate the images with a particular inspection, select the inspection from the Inspection dialog box, as shown circled below. 
  • If you wish to store the photo in both places, you will want to specify both in the dialog box.
Viewing Photos
Uploaded photos can be viewed from either the Photos tab or the General Inspections tab.  To view photos from General Inspections, click the + from the Inspection section you wish to view.  If you are viewing photos from a specific inspection, you will also need to click the Photos sub tab shown circled below (Note: Up to 100 photos can be viewed from the General Inspections tab. If you have more than 100 photos, you can view them all from the Properties>Photos tab).
Editing and Deleting a Photo
To edit a photo's information (including tags, description, photo name, changing which inspection it belongs to, etc.), click the button located beneath the photo.  Click the button to remove the photo. Note that when you remove a photo from General Inspections, it will delete it from the property altogether. 
For detailed insructions on editing and deleting photos, click here.
Emailing or Downloading a Photo
Photos can be emailed or downloaded from the General Inspections tab or the Photos tab; the process is essentially the same from either location.
  • For instructions on emailing a photo, click here
  • For instructions on downloading, click here.