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Adding Contacts

After you add an HOA to a property, you can then add contacts for the HOA Community, the Management Company, and the Collection Company.
 To Add a Contact:
1. Once you have added an HOA, the HOA Community name will display in a title bar with much of the information you provided shown in the gray area below.  To add a contact, click the + next to the Community Name to expand the HOA detail. 
2. Directly beneath the gray area, you will see several tabs appear, as shown below. Click the tab that correlates with the contact you wish to add. In our sample, we clicked the Management tab:
 3.  In the Company Contacts section near the bottom of the screen, click the blue Add button.  A list of contacts will appear, as shown below.  If there are no contacts, you can click Add New Contact to add one.
4. If the list of contacts is large, click in the Search box and type in either the contact's name, the company name, or a portion of this information. For instance, typing in "Jo" would return all fields containing this information, whether it be a contractor's first name (as in Jon), a contractor's last name (as in Jones), or any company containing Jo anywhere in its name.
5. Once you locate the contact(s) you wish to use, click the blue use button located next to each, then click the black X to close down the dialog box. The contact name(s) will appear in the Company Contacts box as shown below:
6.  Click the green Update button at the bottom of the screen.  The primary contact's information will now also display in the gray area at the top of the screen.  The contact we just added is shown highlighted here:
  • You can add more than one company contact. The primary contact will appear in a green box. Additional contacts will appear in yellow boxes. If you have added multiple contacts and wish to change change a secondary contact to the primary contact, click the button.
  • To view a contact's information, click the button.
  • To remove the contact from the property, click the button.
  • Contacts can also be added from the Contacts tab.  For more information on working with Contacts, click here.