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Adding Seller Info

The Client tab allows you to store contact information for a property's seller.  This information does not, however, apply to Short Sale properties.  Short Sale sellers should be entered under the Short Sale tab, using the First Borrower Name field, as shown in the screen shot below:
For properties of all other asset types, see the following instructions. 
Adding Seller Information
1. From the Properties tab, click the Main sub tab on the left-hand side of the screen.
2. Click the Client sub tab at right, shown circled below. The following screen will appear:
3.  Locate the Seller section of the screen (shown at the bottom of the screen shot above), and click the blue Add button to display the Add New Contact box:
4.  Add the desired seller information. 
  • If you want the contact information to display the Seller's company name, as opposed to a contact name, select the "Display as Company" checkbox located beneath the Company field.
5.  Click the green Add button to save your additions.  The seller's name will now display in the Seller box, as shown below.  The first seller added will display in green, indicating that this is the primary contact.  Additional contacts added will display in yellow:


  • Click the button next to the seller name to view contact details.
  • To remove a contact, click the button located next to the contact name and select Yes in the confirmation dialog box.
  • To make a contact the primary contact, click the button next to the contact name. __