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Freddie Mac MMR's

Broker Brain has the ability to interface with HomeSteps for the purpose of generating and submitting your Freddie Mac MMR's. 
  • This feature will only work properly if you have set up your Freddie Mac client with the Freddie Mac Form set.  See Clients for information on how to do this. 
Creating and Submitting a Freddie Mac MMR
1. From the Properties tab, click the MMR sub tab on the left-hand side of the screen. You will see a green bar appear:
2. Click the + next to Add New MMR. The screen will open to reveal the following:
3. Click the ADD button.
4. A Pending screen will appear, as shown below: 
5. Click the FETCH button. A password screen will display, requiring you to enter your HomeSteps Username and Password.
6. Once you have entered your password information, click FETCH. The system will locate the information for that property, populate the appropriate fields in the form, and return to the Pending screen.
  • If you have generated more than one MMR, the Pending screen will collapse and show at the bottom of your MMR list, as shown below.  Click the + next to Pending to open the screen.
7. Click the EDIT button. The MMR form will appear.
8. Edit or add any necessary fields in the form.
9. Click the Complete button at the bottom of the form. This will save the form into Broker Brain.
  • At this point in the process, you can use the Preview and Edit buttons to view or revise the form as needed. Once the form is submitted, it cannot be revised.
  • Use the Delete button if you need to remove the form.
10. Once you have confirmed that the form is ready to send, click Submit.
11. Your Username and Password will appear again. Complete these fields and click the Submit button. The MMR will be sent.