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Emailing New Notes to a Specific Property

If you want to send an email to be stored as a note on a specific property, this is easily done from any notes section within the property. 
1.  Access the desired property, then click the Notes sub tab on the left-hand side of the screen (or you can use the notes section of any other tab) to reveal the screen below:
 2.  Click the + next to Note Signature as shown circled above.  The Note Signature will display in a white bar (highlighted in yellow below).  Note:  The Pick button that appears adjacent to the Note Signature will not be used here.  For more information on using this button, see Associating Emails with a Property.
3.  Click on the Note Signature to select it, then copy it.
4.  Create the email you wish to send and paste the Note Signature somewhere into the body of the email (the signature will not appear on the property note in Broker Brain). 
5.  Above the Note Signature you will see your Broker Brain email address (ours is circled in red in the screen shot above). This is the address you will send the email to. Type this email address into the To: section of your email.
6.  Send your email.  The email will now appear in the Notes section of the property as shown (you must refresh your screen before the note will appear):